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Home-selling checklist: 5 powerful tips for selling your house fast

Home-selling checklist: 5 things to consider before selling your home

Putting your home up for sale may seem simple enough however, there are multiple tasks to complete long before enlisting a real estate agent or listing your home on the market. To remove any guesswork, the real estate experts at Team LBR have composed a home-selling checklist to lessen the burden of selling your home. While it won’t guarantee instant cash, these five things to do before selling your home can mean a quick sale or no sale.

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Home-selling checklist: Five things to do

1) Evaluate your curb appeal – Believe it or not, the aesthetics of your home do matter. A potential buyer’s first impression of your home is high on the checklist since most viewers judge a house by its appearance –inside and out. Major repairs such as roofing, plumbing, and electrical issues can affect property value. While landscaping flaws can lower a home’s “curb appeal.” Easy cosmetic fixes like a fresh coat of paint on the walls and doors, replacing lighting fixtures, cutting the grass, and planting flowers outside go a long way.

2) Depersonalize your home – Those touching mementos on your mantle and gallery wall of your friends and family may add sentimental value, but not for selling your home. Allow home buyers to envision themselves in your home by painting a picture with neutral colors from top to bottom. Remove any paint, trim, or accents that are too personalized to your own tastes.

3) Sell your kitchen, not your home – As counterproductive as it sounds, the bulk of improvements to upgrade your kitchen are most important. Kitchen updates rank highest on the home improvements list that buyers look for when considering their next dream home. They can range from replacing cabinet hardware to adding a new high-end appliance. A few thousand invested to replace outdated countertops or some other upgrade can mean a handsome return on investment or a significant boost to the asking price.

4) Hide the pets – Although it seems everyone loves “man’s best friend,” not everyone will adore your furry canine or feline friend(s). HGTV suggests hiding all pet toys, food bowls, litter boxes, and any other tell-tale signs. No one wants to attend a showing and leave covered in pet hair. Make sure to clean your home thoroughly.

5) Consider hiring a staging company – Staging companies possess professional experience and first-hand knowledge of ensuring a home looks its best. A professional stager can evaluate your current furnishings and existing home decor to reimagine your home in a unique way that not only grabs attention but essentially makes your home sell itself.

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Creating a thought-out home-selling checklist should include inspecting, cleaning, and repairs to appraising, staging, and pricing. recommends two months of preparation before listing your home so a checklist can streamline the selling process. Real estate agents can take much of the prep work off your hands while going the for sale by owner route puts most of the leg work on the seller.  No matter which road you take to list your home on the market, following these five steps to get your home market-ready will surely secure top-dollar success.

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